A request

By thephotodudes

November 22, 2006

Category: Uncategorized


Hey fellow Photodudes! I would like to make a request that on all future (or even edited old posts) that we include our names somewhere in the post so we can tell who took the shot. Maybe the best would be to put our names in the title of the post to make it easier to reference them in the archives… something like “Bruce Snell – Sunset 11-29-06”.

What do you think?

-Bruce “Hooters” Snell


2 Responses to “A request”

  1. Pow! I was thinking the exact same thing. You are one smart photodude. Can we use a nickname or an abbreviated name? Anywho – good idea.

    Okay, I’m all signed in now and ready to go. I’ll post some pics shortly. Mike/Bruce – Thanks for the helping the slow-guy.

  2. I agree – great idea!

    I also like the way Chris has been providing camera and lens info. Maybe that could be a standard as well?

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