Doug-Dude’s View

By thephotodudes

November 22, 2006

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Okay, I was a little slow out of the blog-gate. Must be early onset of Oldtimers. I seldom post against a black background – wow – no shortage of saturation for my stuff, huh? I might have to dial the chroma back a click or two. Here are several of my faves from the day.

I’m going back for a “Foxy Trim” some day soon. This image begged for the retro color treatment.
Notes: Nikon D200 • Nikkor 35/2 • ISO 100 1/1000 f/5.0 • Photodude: STREMEL

I took 30-40 shots of this cable yard. Can you say “shiny object?”
Notes: Nikon D70 • 18-35 Nikkor @ 18mm • ISO 200 1/320 f/11 • Photodude: STREMEL

This is the log that made me late getting back to the car and almost got us thrown in the pokey. Fortunately, the log and I bonded.
Notes: Nikon D70 • 18-35 Nikkor @ 18mm • ISO 200 1/50 f/8.0 • Photodude: STREMEL

The sky was just starting to get really sweet when you guys called me. Dudley Do-Right made us miss out on some more good pics.
Notes: Nikon D70 • 18-35 Nikkor @ 18mm • ISO 200 1/30 f/5.6 • Photodude: STREMEL

I could only save/recover (that’s a stretch) one of the “varmit swimming” shots. I got all amped up when I saw the varmit and forgot to change exposure.
Notes: Nikon D200 • 70-200 Nikkor @ 135mm • ISO 200 1/125 f/2.8 • Photodude: STREMEL


5 Responses to “Doug-Dude’s View”

  1. Really nice stuff! I want a foxy trim too!

    We’d of had a blast sittin’ in the pokey together wouldn’t we?!?!


  2. I like ’em, Doug. I understand your closeness with that log – way to go, finding something vertical to break that horizon! Nice color on the next to the last one, too.

  3. Wow, you really captured some amazing moments that made the long walk worth it.

    Is the log shot a dynamic range image (two frames with different exposures)?

    Damn, I’m blown away, D.

  4. 4Bruce: I’ve never had the pleasure of sitting in the pokey. I’m going to try and avoid that for a couple more years.

    4Chris: Just one image on the log shot. I exposed for the light on the log and didn’t blow out the sky too bad in the raw image. I used Adobe Lightroom 4.0 for these images. It has some really nifty tonality and curves tools that reduce the amout of PS time. You should give it a whirl (it’s a free Beta download).

  5. Doug,
    The last two would make cool posters, all you need is a headline. Awesome colors!

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