Michael Snell – A few more from 11-19-06

By thephotodudes

November 22, 2006

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This is one from the bird-watching platform using the Cokin blue-yellow polarizer.
Notes: Nikon D200 // 17-35 Nikkor @ 17mm // Cokin blue-yellow polarizer // Photodude: M SNELL

I thought I’d try making a triptych using two photos from the refuge; a sunset scene framed by a tight shot of the reeds in the water.
Notes: Reeds // Nikon D200 // 80-200 Nikkor @ 185mm // Photodude: M SNELL
Sunset // Nikon D200 // 17-35 Nikkor @ 35mm // Photodude: M SNELL

A little twig catching some warm light.
Notes: Nikon D200 // 60mm Micro-Nikkor // Photodude: M SNELL

And a shot of the now famous spiral fire escape.
Notes: Nikon D200 // 80-200 Nikkor @ 105mm // Photodude: M SNELL


3 Responses to “Michael Snell – A few more from 11-19-06”

  1. Nice, nice work, Mike.

    Note to self: I want to hang more closely with you guys next time and watch you work your magic. There’s so much I want to learn, particularly about off-camera flash, etc.

  2. Thanks, Chris!

    I hope you don’t mind that I’ve borrowed… alright, STOLEN… your system for listing your shooting info after your posts. I thought it was a great idea and a nice compact format.

  3. I’m asking Santa for one of those nifty Cokin blue-yellow polarizing filters. I dig saturation. Nice trip, too. I’ve done a lot of Lensbaby triptychs. I should revisit that execution.

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