Photodude blog criteria?

By thephotodudes

November 28, 2006

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I had a really fun/fruitful couple of shooting days on my journey to Central Kansas. Just wondering if you guys want to or think we should post “non-photodude-outing” photos on our blog. I’m thinking it could be an “anything goes” sort of approach. I visit the Mike, Bruce and Chris blogs frequently – but would also like to see the other Photodude work, too.

Everyone chime in please. We haven’t talked much about what the blog should/could be.


4 Responses to “Photodude blog criteria?”

  1. Crap. I just wrote a long, thoughtful response and apparently didn’t “publish” it. Now I have to try and remember my golden comments…

    In a nutshell I said, that since I have a blog already where I show my “professional” work, I’d like to utilize the Photodudes blog as a place to share things and ideas I’m working on personally. Complete with comments. The Photodudes blog would serve as a creative think tank, rather than a “show and tell” kind of thing. Make sense? Thoughts?

  2. I agree with Bruce. “Creative think tank” is a pretty good description. I get inspired seeing what everyone else is shooting regardless of whether I was there at the time or not, and that’s what this is all about to me is inspiration. Well, that and getting the chance to hang out will all of you guys from time to time.

    I also have some little “experiments” that I’m working on that don’t really fit my Travel Photography blog. Things that are works-in-progress or little explorations. I’d like to post those here for feedback and I’d like even more to see things that you-all are woking on.

    I’d say post away. We don’t need to get carried away and post everything we shoot, but it’d be nice to have some things to carry us through until we all get together again. Maybe even some “location scouting” shots for future outings?

  3. Cool. I like the idea of the Photodudes blog becoming a place where we share creative explorations and techniques – making it a place for learning and inspiration. I have several new ideas I’m working on – so I’ll get some things together and post sometime soon.

    Fantastic ideas/input, dudes.

  4. Yes, I like the experimental, communal qualities of this blog. And posting personal stuff between shoots is a good way to keep it fresh.

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