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By thephotodudes

November 29, 2006

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Fellow dudes,

I would like to submit a request regarding comments to posts. As an embarassingly addicted surfer of various photo forums, I notice that they all tend to have a personality of their own. OSP is completely positive ALL the time (think Stepford Wives), DPReview is, well, you know. I seldom see what I would look for which would be honest critiques from photographers I respect. I have only the deepest respect for you guys and so I ask that any/all comments or critiques offer more than, “That totally rocks” or “Holy crap that’s cool”, you get the gist.

With the direction it seems the blog will be heading (creative think tank) it would be great to know that if I post an image that just doesn’t work, you guys will tell me so (and hopefully why)… the same obviously holds true if I get it right. I’d hate to see this blog of great shooters go soft and become one huge lovefest (which I’m not against if it involves Salma Heyek).

Let’s tell it like it is dudes!



4 Responses to “Comments and Critiques”

  1. Hey, bro. Your shot of Salma Hayek totally sucks.


    Okay, seriously now… I’m curious how everyone else feels about this. I would welcome honest critique as well but I want to know if the whole group is like-minded. A lot of us get critiqued on a daily basis professionally — maybe not our photography but designs, ideas, etc. If this is an escape for some from that daily judgement, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for them.

    As for myself, I’m really looking at this as a learning/growth opportunity. And it’s often the failures that we learn the most from. I look back at our first outing and see how safe most, if not all, of my images were. I feel like I didn’t really stretch. Next time I want to push my boundaries more and try new things. They won’t all work, and I probably won’t show the ones that really suck, but I’m also not going to be the best judge of what’s working or not if it’s not what I’m already comfortable doing. That’s where I’d appreciate you guys chiming in.

    Don’t be shy, let’s all pipe in on this. I don’t want to assume that everyone is trying to get the same things out of this that I am.

  2. Ah, good point Mike. I hadn’t even thought of that. Must be why Mom and Dad liked you best!


  3. You two are the new Smother’s Brothers. You crack me up.

    I read Bruce’s entry late this afternoon with much interest. I too am hoping to get a more critical/helpful approach from comments. I get quite a few comments on flickr – but most of them are atta-boys. That’s good for the ego – but it doesn’t push me forward. I end up posting images that I know people will respond to – instead of trying new stuff.

    With that said – maybe each photodude poster simply requests the type/level of feedback they would like. I’m interested in more critical-minded responses. And I’ll eagerly give critical feedback in return (postive or negative). But I can understand any one of us just wanting some helpful/positive feedback, too.

    On another note – it might be fun to lob out a monthly subject/topic/technique – and we all explore different interpretations. It’s not a contest – but rather a creative exploration. Photodudes could shoot traditional or do a crazy photochop shot or load up the Holga. We could all post photos on the same day – so they don’t get spread out all over the blog. Just an idea.

    I finally got up enough nerve to enter some photos in the Nikon International Photo Contest. The deadline is Nov. 30 – nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?

    Looking forward to hearing from the other photodudes on this topic.


  4. I like the question. And I’m happy to listen to any critique of my work.

    But it’s ALL subjective.

    The “out there” stuff that Mike might explore then not post because it doesn’t pass his internal filter could be something that inspires me, or Larry, or Jon, or Doug.

    So I’m not sure if we should narrowly define The Photodudes. I say put it all out there and see what happens.

    I also like Doug’s monthly subject/topic/technique challenge. What I liked best about our first shoot is seeing what you guys saw that I didn’t. I already learned a lot from just browsing the site the first few weeks.

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