Out there and back

By thephotodudes

November 30, 2006

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Notes: Nikon D70s // Nikkor 300/4 // Photodude: RALSTON

In the spirit of my comment that we should put everything out there, here’s a good one to start with. I spent a good half hour just watching the reflections change near the shore of the pond and wondered if I could capture that moment. This image is one example. There are lots of things that might not work technically or photographically, but it carries me immediately back to the thoughts I had at the time. That quality alone makes it a worthy image to me. So what’s the value of an image? Truly, it must be in the eye of the beholder.


4 Responses to “Out there and back”

  1. Chris,

    Here’s my take on your image. If you had not told us it was a reflection, I wouldn’t have known. At first glance I thought it was a sky shot done either intentionally misfocussed or a soft filter to extreme. Maybe a reference point to tell the view it’s a reflection? I dunno.

    I like the colors alot. I guess my contructive criticism would be more of a question (which actually makes me want to try this)…

    What if you had taken the same shot in various stages of poor focus? In my minds eye, I’m thinking that really out of focus might be cool! Just a bunch of great colors all smooshed and blurred.

    This is exactly the kind of shot that gets me thinking and that’s what I need more of!

    Thanks Chris.


  2. I think that’s proof that words influence pictures, and pictures influence words.

    Telling you it was a reflection makes this seem more like an intention than an accident, which it was. It’s an interesting thing to talk about.

    On my personal photoblog, I always seem to get more comments on the images that I write about. The ones without narrative sometimes don’t get any attention, even though they might be my best images.

    This seems like a great topic for Mike especially. Travel photography is strongly enhanced by good travel narrative. Right?

  3. You are so right about words influencing photos. I had seen this image on Notan and asked if it was intentional or a happy accident. Now I know.

    I do like the experimental/abstract feel of the image. However, I too think it could use some reference point or clue to its perspective. This image could be the first in a larger photo essay on reflections. That would be a fun journey.


  4. A ripple on the water surface might have been interesting. I do like the mysterious quality of this, though. You don’t always need to know what something is – the color and feeling can be enough.

    So true about words and pics influencing one another. Chris, you mentioned travel photography in particular. I would love to have more opportunities to shoot stories after they’ve been written but seldom have that chance. Typically, I’m either supplying stock that’s already on hand or shooting independently from the writer without seeing their work. Often I don’t get to see the text until the piece is printed. It’s a shame, really. I think it would be much more interesting to try and illustrate the writer’s take on a location than to just supply something generic. Some of the higher-end mags work differently so I’ll just have to keep trying to work my way up!

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