Eagle nest

By thephotodudes

December 1, 2006

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Notes: Nikon D70s // Nikkor 300/4 // Photodude: RALSTON
This is the last shot I made, just before screeching out of the gates ahead of Mr. Overzealous Park Ranger. The shot isn’t super sharp because I balanced Jon’s lens on my arm and hit the shutter just before the eagle flew away. But I was glad to see one of the birds that Squaw Creek is best known for.


3 Responses to “Eagle nest”

  1. Chris –

    I loved the shot even before I read the text (which made it even better).

    I really like the fact that you can see the whole reflection of the eagle and rock and then to top it off you’ve placed it right on a “crash point”.

    Hats off to you!


  2. I didn’t see the eagle reflection until Bruce mentioned it. That’s probably why I miss all the cool shots. Your story makes me wish that we could have snagged a pic of Dudley Do-Right. Dang!

    Really nice shot Chris. I wonder if a tighter crop at the top and more reflection at the botton would make it a stronger image. Maybe?


  3. Doug: There isn’t much left below the reflection, unfortunately. I thought about cropping the top more, but it seemed to balance the blue across the middle.

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