Night Dude

By thephotodudes

December 2, 2006

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I thought tonight would be a perfect opportunity for my virgin night shoot. There are several guys on flickr who shoot drop-dead cool night images, and I got to learn a lot before ever trying it myself.

It was really cold this evening, and I’m kind of a cold wussy – so I found several spots where I could set the shot, engage the shutter, and then sit in my warm car for 200-300 seconds (hot coffee + tunes). It was great fun. I lost the cool wispy clouds around 10:30 PM – so I moved onto self portraits. I used a small LED flashlight. It works great, but it’s got a really freakish blue color. I’ll use a warmer light next time. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I came back with some good first attempts. My fave is the “dome light” shot. It tells the “doug is a cold-wussy” story very nicely.

I shot everything in RAW and then converted to fluorescent color balance in Adobe Lightroom. Looking at the images makes me wish I had a “fisheye.” Soon hopefully.

The full moon will be here in several days – so I’ll be going out every night I can. Let me know what you think.

Notes: Nikon D200 • 18-35 Nikkor @ 18mm • ISO 100 288 sec f/6.3 • Photodude: STREMEL

Notes: Nikon D200 • 18-35 Nikkor @ 18mm • ISO 100 286 sec f/6.3 • Photodude: STREMEL

Notes: Nikon D200 • 18-35 Nikkor @ 18mm • ISO 100 216 sec f/6.3 • Photodude: STREMEL

Notes: Nikon D200 • 18-35 Nikkor @ 18mm • ISO 100 273 sec f/6.3 • Photodude: STREMEL


4 Responses to “Night Dude”

  1. I love what long exposures do with moving clouds and water. Really nice for a first attempt!

    I also like the addition of the warm light in your dome light shot. The clouds are perfect, leading right to the source of the warm glow.

    I keep looking at that first image and wondering if the concrete structure could have been a stronger foreground element. Leading into the scene or even shot from below so that it would break up some of the sky. Not being there at the time I of course don’t know if that would even be possible.

    Nice work! I feel guilty for being inside watching TV last night…

  2. Doug,

    I like this one. First I like that it’s black and white because it seems more creepy or depressing (hope that’s what you were going for). The ghosted image is a great idea, I’m wondering if there could have be a way to either put the “ghost” in the lower or (diagonal from the moon) or equally putting the moon in the upper right. Cool of you to even think of doing this!


    I don’t feel guilty at all about staying inside last night…


  3. Hey, thanks guys for taking a look and commenting.

    4Mike: You’re right about the composition of the dam structure (Clinton Lake). I shot from that vantage point many times and should have moved down a ways. It was dark + windy and I didn’t really know what I was doing. It’s really cool from down below – but it was way too friggin’ cold to do that. I got some great advice from a flickr guy this morning about color balance and “making sure it still looks like night.” It will take some processing practice.

    4Bruce: I did want it to look creepy – how could it not with my silly mug in the shot. Yea – the composition is iffy – but when each image takes about 8-10 minutes to set, shoot and let the camera process – I only tried that shot once. I illuminated myself for about 20 seconds on a 273 second exposure. I should have light painted my body a little more (that sounds funny).

    If we have moon + clouds again tonight – I’ll try again.

  4. REALLY nice, Doug. I would like to know more about how you are calculating exposure and the Adobe Lightroom software.

    You’ve inspired me to get out and try this, although I’ll probably experiment with film. I think I have an old exposure calculator, but I need to study reciprocity failure again 😉

    Bob at NoTraces would be proud of your efforts.

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