By thephotodudes

January 5, 2007

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Notes: Mamiya 6 // Mamiya 50/4 // Kodak Tri-X // Photodude: RALSTON

I found a few gems while looking through my negs again. I discovered a new way to handle black and white in Photoshop and finally have the contrasty look that I’ve long been seeking. This is my first attempt. Has anybody else played with the Calculations option?


4 Responses to “Storefront”

  1. Chris,

    Nice conversion. I’ve never heard of the “Calculations” option. Could you share the technique?


  2. I like this a lot, Chris. I have a couple of shots of that same window that just weren’t working for me but your black & white conversion really made it pop.

    Bruce: If the anticipation is killing you, check out this link and scroll down to Method #3. That should hold you until Chris can give us details.

  3. That’s exactly the process, Mike. Your link is better than the one I found. I’m really happy with the results, which are even better than my way of dodging and burning through Curves.

  4. cool shot Chris. I tried the “calculations” a long time ago after finding an article in some photo magazine. I’ll have to visit the link – and take another look.

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