Bridal Portrait (Bruce L. Snell)

By thephotodudes

January 12, 2007

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After looking at Chris’ recent images using layered negatives and Mike’s texture overlays I was inspired to try something as well. I’m not a big “filters” guy and tend to deliver my images pretty straight other than dodging and burning (photojournalism ethics and all that…). So, here’s my attempt at modifying a bridal portrait I took in 2005 in Omaha, Nebraska. It killed me to mute the vibrant colors in her garments, but in the end it seemed to work out. The mat around the image is also from the wedding as I used a shot of one of the dresses. Not sure if I’m happy with the “oil painting cracks” I installed.



5 Responses to “Bridal Portrait (Bruce L. Snell)”

  1. I like the color treatment but I’m not so sure about the oil painting “crack” texture either. It’s a little harsh for a portrait. Maybe you could apply it on a separate layer and mask it away from the face and skin.

    I also find Photoshop’s textures to be too “tiled” or regular if you know what I mean. For paint effects, I really like what I’ve seen from Alien Skin’s new Oil Painting and Impasto filters. Haven’t tried them myself — and can’t really imagine when I would use them — but they look pretty real.

    Nice effect overall. Great idea on the mat.

  2. Yup, I agree completely about the cracks. I used Photoshop against my better judgement when I really wanted another image of textures and stains to apply as an opaque layer but I didn’t have one and no way to create one here. One thing I did learn was that it would really help to have the original portrait file already lit closer to the envisioned result. This portrait isn’t yet moody enough for my taste. Kind of funny how my failures here are getting my juices flowing to keep working to produce the image I see in my mind.


  3. The Snell brothers are raising the bar for PS experimentation. I like where you’re going. That woman is really striking.

    I have an idea for getting some new textures/stains. Just head over to an art museum (preferably at night), let yourself in (knowledge of security systems required), borrow several paintings with appropriate textures, crackling, head home, scan and/or photograph paintings, return to museum, let yourself back in, rehang paintings, go back home, apply newly found textures to your photograph, post on photodudes. Easy-peasy-japanesey.


  4. I could do that…


  5. I’m struck first by the richness of the image. The tones are very painterly, and the crimson looks anything but photographic.

    I agree on the cracks. I don’t think they are necessary in the skin tones, but I like the overall feel. Maybe another texture would do the image justice.

    The idea of using a contextural detail shot in the mat is perfect because it just makes sense.

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