Slow Dude

By thephotodudes

January 12, 2007

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It’s been a long time since I’ve shot anything. I hate when that happens. I went to Clinton Lake last night to find the comet (some guy at the photo store told me about it). The clouds were covering it up – so I shot some long exposures of the lake/rocks/sunset. I set my camera down on the rocks and shot 20-30 second exposures @ f/22. Several of them turned out cool – but all of them had crooked horizons. My sense of level isn’t very level, I guess. Here’s an image that’s straightened and cropped.

– dougdude


4 Responses to “Slow Dude”

  1. Level horizons used to be my constant source of frustration until I was told by a pro photographer from Australia (who has ties with Fuji) that most digital camera’s sensors aren’t exactly mounted squarely in the body. All this time I had been blaming myself, when in reality it’s a case of crooked sensors.

    Great capture by the way. Love the rocks.


  2. You’re nailing this stuff, Doug. I really want to experiment with long exposures, too.

    Here’s a favorite photoblog I’ve been meaning to share. I know you’ll bond with it.

  3. Nice one, Doug. You’re making me feel guilty for not getting out and shooting lately… all these sunsets I’m missing.

    Bruce: I heard the same thing about sensors being mounted crooked but I have a hard time believing that someone building a device that requires such precision in other respects would be so sloppy when they went to stick the sensor in. Still, it must be true. It certainly can’t be my fault that all my horizons tilt.

  4. Chris – thanks for the link. wow, this dude can shoot (or is Tristian a chick?). This link is going to the top of my list.

    Mike – don’t feel too guilty. I’ll be I’ve only shot 30 exposures in the last month. Hope to take some time off soon and just shoot.

    Bruce – I like the crooked sensor excuse. But actually, I was just too lazy to lay down on the ground and look through the viewfinder. I shot around 15 exposures and not one of them was even close to level. Must be the sensor.


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