Finally… a decent snow!

By thephotodudes

January 21, 2007

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Nikon D200 // 17-35 Nikkor at 17mm // Photodude: Michael Snell

Anybody else get out this morning before the snow melted off the trees? It was a great snow last night (at least it was in Topeka). This is from an early morning walk to Edgewood Park near the Potwin neighborhood.


3 Responses to “Finally… a decent snow!”

  1. Yeah, I got up… had to be a church at 8am to perform (brilliantly) as an usher. After that, back home to shovel the driveway and walks. Then cleaned off my son’s truck and somehow injured my thumb. I think I either broke it or seriously sprained it. It doesn’t seem to want to work at all and is causing even a tough guy like me a lot of pain.

    So… no… I didn’t get out and shoot the snow…


  2. Wow, fantastic shot. Beautiful setting, perfect light, very nice. Looks like you got a little blue sky, too. I did make it out this morning, but I only got a couple scenics. I went to shoot sledders for the Lawrence CVB. I got some really fun stuff. I’ll post a couple of them very soon.

    Bruce: Bummer about the thumb. Hope it’s not broken, and you heal quickly. That’s another reason I’ll list for not shoveling very often. With any luck the sun will come out and melt everything.


  3. Doug: Yeah, there was a bit of blue sky to the north and west… briefly. Then it was gone. Even overcast it was nice, though.

    Bruce: Ouch! At least it wasn’t your shutter finger.

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