Woo Hoo

By thephotodudes

January 22, 2007

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I got some cool news today. Digital Camera, a very cool photo magazine published in England, chose one of my photos for their "Hot Shots" section. I was stoked. They asked for a hi-res photo + head shot in early December. The January issue came out with no Doug photos – I was bummed. Then I got the February issue in the mail today, and wa-la!

Jon – thanks so much for taking a dandy head shot. I usually look like a dope in photos – but you did a fantastic job.

See my "Open Seating" photo here here


5 Responses to “Woo Hoo”

  1. Congratulations! Can I have your autograph?


  2. The autograph will have to wait a couple days – my hand is sore from patting myself on the back.

    How’s the thumb? Going to the ADDYs on Saturday night?


  3. The thumb is just now beginning to move slightly. Still pretty sore.

    I’ll be at the Addy’s so maybe I could get your autograph there… maybe even on a check? Maybe?


  4. Hey, that’s great, Doug! That’s a nicely produced magazine, too. I’ve picked it up at B&N before. I’ll have to make a point of getting over there for this issue.

    I’ll also see you at the ADDYs. Probably be carrying drinks for my brother all night. I think I’ll start referring to him as “Ol’ Thumby”.

  5. Thanks guys. You both should consider submitting to the DC Magazine “Photographer of the Year” competition. It’s an incredible selection of photos from around the world. You two guys have the photo chops to win. All the Monkey-dudes from around the planet would dig having Monkey-winners. The 2007 competition opens Feb 13. Here’s the link: http://poty2006.dcmag.co.uk/

    See you guys Saturday. Ol’ Thumby, I’ll bring my checkbook – not!


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