All Aboard!

By thephotodudes

January 30, 2007

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Listen up Photodudes. If you thought our first trip was great, check this out!

Join all your fellow dudes on a trip to Durango, Colorado June 1-4, 2007 to ride the Durango Silverton Train. A trip to the Black Canyon will follow. Costs will be evenly divided amoung the participants, so not only the more the merrier, but the more the cheaper!

Reservations are required, so we will need to get a head count as soon as possible. Let’s shoot for Valentine’s Day as a cutoff so we can not only purchase tickets for the train, but arrange for transportation and lodging. I’m a frugal traveler and don’t expect this trip to be financially taxing. Exact costs will be determined after the final head count on Valentine’s Day.

Four days with the dudes in Colorado… does it get any better?

RSVP to by 2/14/07.



3 Responses to “All Aboard!”

  1. I’m in. I’m in all the way. It’s on my calendar in ink.

    Great idea.


  2. Awesome. So far we’ve got myself, Mike and Doug. It’s on our calendars in ink too.


  3. Yup. I’m in and looking forward to it!

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