chroma snow

By thephotodudes

February 13, 2007

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Traffic has been a little slow on Photodudes – so thought I should get off my butt and shoot something. I ventured out in the snow this morning. I thought I’d try something other than scenics for once, so I concentrated on details + color. I got some fun stuff. My adventure was cut short by a flat tire (I ran over something and punctured my tire). Oh well, it was really cold, and you all know how much I like cold. You can see several more snow shots on my flickr site.

Camera: Nikon D200 with 17-55 f2.8lens | ISO 200 | 1/60th @ f7.1

– doug


6 Responses to “chroma snow”

  1. Nice shots, Doug! This one that you posted here on the Dude’s site is my favorite. Sorry about the tire but it looks like it was worth it. I, on the other hand, was a slug and only spent enough time outside this morning to get the windshield scraped. Bad me. Bad, bad me!

  2. Glad you posted that shot Doug. I saw your stuff on the Flickr site (I stalk you there) and loved it.

    Did you buy new gear? I don’t remember you having that lens.


  3. Thanks guys. It was a good morning while it lasted. I should watch where I’m driving. That’s three flat tires now on photo shoots. Like a dumbass, I never take photos of the airless mishaps – because that would of course be a really fun photo story someday. So much for my photojournalism skills.

    I think I’ll go back to the VanGo cars in the morning. I got a couple good shots, but I gave up too early.

    Yep Bruce, I got the new glass in December as an Christams gift to myself. I couldn’t stand the crappy 18-35 any longer. I’m good on gear for a year or two I hope.

    How does March 3 or 4 look for you guys as our next Photodudes outing? Hopefully it will warm up by then. I’ll gather the ideas (and come up with some too) and see what everyone wants to do.


  4. I’m good for March 3 or 4 and game for whatever you cook up. By the way, if I’m shooting a Hooter’s girl next time and you see a bear, could you at least let me know?


  5. My weekend of March 3-4 is open, too. Sounds good.

    Doug: Your flat tire series reminded me of a similar thought I’ve had. It seems that no matter where I go, the local landmark is always being renovated and is buried under scaffolding. Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, you name it. It used to frustrate me and then, several missed opportunities later, I kicked myself. What a great series — hidden landmarks! Of course, since this realization, I’ve never had the opportunity again…

    Maybe now that you’ve had your series idea you’ll no longer be plagued by flat tires.

  6. Cool on the potential photodude weekend. I’ll get an email out to all of the guys this week – and we can “get r done.”

    4bruce: About the hooter girl or the bear?

    4mike: Don’t you hate that happens. Landmarks Redux would be a really cool collection of photos or essay. I kick myself for not thinking “on the spot” more. I have several loose “collection ideas” rolling through my head now that I should pay closer attention to (like life’s mishaps). I read a really good comment in an article the other day about the difference between pros and amatuers. Amatuers shoot “single pics” and pros think more about “collections” and “story telling.” I think I’m somewhere in between. Here’s to using my noggin’ in 2007.


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