Durango Details

By thephotodudes

February 20, 2007

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The first ever Photodudes over-nighter is two steps closer to reality. Today I made reservations for the train ride and our lodging. It’s lookin’ good dudes.

Our home away from home will be at the Silver Pick Lodge between Durango and Silverton.

A room fit for 4 photodudes, The Grand Turk has it all… 4 beds (OK, three and a sofa sleeper), cable TV and free internet service. AND… the best part of all.. each room features “original colored drawing by Fabio look-alike, Howard Basley” so how can we loose?

A view from their look out point near the lodge.

Electra Lake in the distance. Probably named for Carmen Electra I’d guess.

The Durango Silver Train ride is scheduled for June 3rd. I’ve been warned by lodge staff that when riding in open cars (which we are) you can get ash and soot all over you. Great…



3 Responses to “Durango Details”

  1. Sweet work Bruce-dude. Can’t wait for the adventure. Does the oldest or youngest dude get the sleeper sofa? It looks like great fun. I might have to try some night shots while we’re in the mountains. We’ll only be two days past a full moon – so we should have great light painting the skies.

    Thanks for all you work on this. You’re a truly stand-up-dude.


  2. “Who gets the sleeper sofa?” I would have thought that was obvious. Wouldn’t the Canon shooter already be used to getting second-best?

    (just kiddin’ bro — couldn’t resist)

    I can hardly wait. This looks like it’s shaping up to be a great trip. And the colored drawing by the Fabio look-alike is icing on the cake!

  3. I don’t know about that whole Canon shooter thing…

    I’m thinking that there’s only one guy in the group who hasn’t raised children and hasn’t made all the sacrifices that go along with that (like sleeping with a 4 year old who insists on a perpendicular position). I’m thinking that guy needs to suffer a bit…


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