Geezer, Tripod, Hooter and WiFi

By thephotodudes

February 21, 2007

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Mike and I were discussing our upcoming photodudes trip this morning while our father was in surgery at a local hospital. I don’t know if we were whiffing anesthesia fumes or what, but we thought that since our trip was taking place in the great american west, that we should have cool cowboy nicknames. Back in the cowboy’s heyday, out on the trail, there would always be a “Cookie” or a “Tex”. The photodudes are no less american than the cowboys of yore, so from henceforth (and especially on our trip to Durango) the participants shall be known as:

Ferry “Geezer” Keizer
Doug “Tripod” Stremel
Bruce “Hooter” Snell
MIchael “WiFi” Snell

Just thought you all should know…


4 Responses to “Geezer, Tripod, Hooter and WiFi”

  1. Okay, so I can agree that cowboy nicknames are a cool idea. But give me some insight on the “tardy” nickname. Am I notoriously late? Slow-minded? Slow-witted? Or does it have something to do with the Dudley Do-right incident? Although it’s sort of charming – I’m going to lobby for a new nickname. Maybe “Hoss” or “Skeeter” or “One-Eye” or “Slim” (wishful thinking on the last one).

    How ’bout it Hooter? My cowboy rep is at stake here.


  2. Well we certainly don’t want to tarnish your cowboy rep, that’s for sure!

    I spoke with Mike (oops sorry, WiFi) this morning and I told him I kinda liked “Skeeter” but it didn’t really hold any meaning. He then suggested “Woody” because you are from ElinWOOD.

    I’m not sure that there should be a Woody and a Hooter in the same car together if you know what I mean.

    Sit tight, ol’ photodude friend… we’ll find you just the right nickname that’ll make you proud.


  3. I’m not a photo dude but as the father of Hooter, I can readily understand his choice of the word. He’s always been interested in things like that.
    Snell the Elder

  4. Really? I don’t remember him having ANY interest in owls when we were growing up…

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