Who’s for a little clowning around?

By thephotodudes

March 2, 2007

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Here’s a potential PhotoDude’s excursion for June. The Emmett Kelly Museum in Sedan, Kansas, is organizing a 40th anniversary event that includes what they hope to be the world’s largest clown gathering on June 23rd. The old record is 850 clowns — they’re shooting for 1000. There will be other events during the week of June 18-23.

If anyone is interested in a little “people” photography, I’ll keep tabs on this as it develops. The website offers a few details but they’re a little skimpy at this point.

And on another note: For those going along on the KC shoot tomorrow, there’s a partial lunar eclipse that will be in progress when the moon rises at 6:15 pm. The whole thing will be over by 7:11.

Mike “WiFi” Snell


2 Responses to “Who’s for a little clowning around?”

  1. Weekends in June are out for me… high wedding season. My only free weekend in June will be spent on a train in Durango…

    Sounds great though… would they reschedule for next February?

    Bruce “Hooter” Snell

  2. i’m up for that and am penciling it in.

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