bizarre bazaar

By thephotodudes

March 9, 2007

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I went to see a basketball game in Emporia yesterday – so I left a little early to scout some Flint Hills locations in Strong City, Cottonwood Falls and Matfield Green. These pics are from Bazaar, KS. I’ve always wanted to shoot this location, and the colorful dusk clouds helped out. Perfect opportunity to use the lensbaby. -doug


3 Responses to “bizarre bazaar”

  1. Great use of the ol’ Lensbaby. I like the first one especially… no, the second one… no… cr*p… I can’t make up my mind…

  2. Thanks Mike. I shot a lot of stuff, but the LB stuff is the only ones that worked like I had in mind. I needed that big fish-eye dude you have. That would have made some fun pics.


  3. Love No.1 the most because the sloping horizon seems so natural with Bazaar. Good job, D.

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