For Doug:

By thephotodudes

March 18, 2007

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I was digging through old transparencies the other day and came across this oldie of Doug’s favorite car wash in North Lawrence. I’m not sure if I shot this or Sally but it must be from around 1985 or 1986. The place was beat up even then.

Photodude: Michael (or Sally) in previous life | Fujica ST701 (maybe?) | transparency film


12 Responses to “For Doug:”

  1. Sally verifies that she shot this. Still not exactly sure when, but mid ’80s is a good guess (I do recall that we were there together so it was post 1983 and we moved back to Topeka in 1986). The eternally peeling paint is amazing.

  2. I’ve been thinking A LOT this weekend about digital/film, etc., and this post confirms the decision I’ve just made to stay committed to film. It scares me that all these wonderful jpegs and RAW files we’re shooting now might be difficult to access 20 years from now. (That seems like an eternity in digital terms.) But I love that Mike can reach into a box or a drawer and pull out slides from the mid-’80s. I guess that’s why I’ve giving myself an M7 instead of a D200 for my 40th birthday this year 😉

  3. And by M7 do you mean Mamiya 7 or Leica M7? If you mean Leica M7, then I may possibly be your next best friend and best friends loan out their gear right?

    Leica M series… mmmmmmmm.


  4. Thanks for posting Mike. This is a sweet shot – cheers to Sally. If she/you have anymore you would like to share – I would love to see them. I decided I’m going to start a quonset project. Who knows why – but they interest me.

    4Chris: Did you see that No Traces is shooting film for an entire year. He sold his D5, and he’s going to shoot, process and scan all year. I think I’ll continue to tinker with film – but I’m a digital guy.

  5. Leica M7, dude. Because I can only shoot one camera at a time, I let you try out the M7 when I’m shooting with my Mamiya 6. Then we can switch so you can get your fix of that big ol’ viewfinder again 😉

  6. That’s cool, Doug. I’m still using my digital for work, and I’ll probably get a compact digital for snaps. But for my personal work, it’s 95 percent film these days.

    The big reason for me is that it slows me down. And I am happier with my stuff when I shoot that way.

  7. I like the idea of a quonset series. I’ve always been attracted to them for some reason, and even have thought about living in one. I wonder how many we could find?

  8. For Chris – I love you man!


  9. Doug: I think that is the only quonset shot but I’ll keep my eyes out for others.

    Chris: I think I saw a quonset house for sale in a recent home guide. Somewhere around Carbondale maybe? I’ll see if I can turn it up again.

    And I’m not so worried about not being able to access digital files in 20 years. Any format change that comes will not come overnight. There will be plenty of time and opportunity to convert old files to the new format. My old Quark files (and I mean OLD) open in InDesign CS2. Image files should be simpler to deal with than those. I actually worried more about my transparencies. They get lost, scratched, faded, etc. and a dupe is never as good as the original. I can store multiple “original” copies of digital files in multiple locations with very little problem. And a publisher never has my only original to lose.

  10. You make great points, Mike. And have reminded me of the value of scanning my negs and slides, and storing them in separate places.

    Still, the value of shooting film—for me—is rooted in meditation. Working slower stills my mind, helps me see and, I hope, leads to more interesting images.

  11. Chris: I totally get your reasons for staying with film and don’t mean to pressure you to leave it behind. I have the same trouble slowing down when I have all the automation available: autofocus, autoexposure, auto-etc. I keep telling myself I should shut it all off and THINK again but I keep falling back on auto. Maybe the next Photodude’s day I’ll ban myself from any automation and see if I can go cold turkey.

    One other benefit of film — the cameras are much cooler. I have yet to see a digital that I really lust after but there are all kinds of film bodies that I’d still love to own. Leica, Contax G2, Horseman 6×12, Hassleblad X-pan, etc., etc.

  12. Totally agree, Mike. It’s the automation that seems to throw me off, although I do prefer aperture priority. That’s why I’m headed toward an M7 instead of an MP or M6.

    And I couldn’t agree more on the coolness of film cameras. They do have a 100+ years head start on digital. That’s another reason why I’ve lusted after Leicas. I get that love of mechanical things from my Dad, I guess.

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