Planet Earth

By thephotodudes

March 27, 2007

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I watched several segments of Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel on Sunday night. WOW! It has some of the most incredible hi-definition footage I’ve ever seen. If you have hi-def cable – you have to check it out. If not, it’s still amazing stuff. You can find out more about the series at Discovery Channel.

Here’s my humble addition to Planet Earth. Milking the shores of Clinton Lake for another shot. I thought there was going to be an spectacular sunset, and then the sun died behind the clouds. But I waited around for 15 minutes and got this firey lake scene.

Photodude: Doug | Nikon D200 | Nikkor 17-55 | ISO 100 | 1/6 secs @ f/10


3 Responses to “Planet Earth”

  1. I watched two episodes of Planet Earth and have to agree with you. Some really amazing stuff.

    I had already seen your firey lake scene on your Flickr site. This one really does it for me. The water remind me of the ocean rather than a small Kansas lake. Nice job!


  2. I have GOT to get me one o’ them new-fangled TVs.

    Nice shot, Doug. You should just drive a monopod into the lakeshore at this spot and leave it there. Would save you a lot of time when you go back. Really like the color on this one.

  3. Thanks guys. Mike I like your idea of a permanent monopod – except I have to set the camera on the sand (with a rock propping up the lens) to get this angle. I nearly had a wet camera from the gusty waves. i’m certain I’ll steal a couple more shots from that same spot.


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