Rinse cycle

By thephotodudes

March 28, 2007

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Okay, I know laundromat shots have been done to death but this place has been haunting me. I pass it every morning as I walk to work, in all it’s craptastic glory. This morning I happened to have the LX1 in my coat pocket and the place was empty. Thought I’d try and exorcise a demon. Actually, I think I’ve made myself want to go back with the D200. Crap.

Photodude: Michael // Panasonic LX-1 // my brother’s lomo action


3 Responses to “Rinse cycle”

  1. I’ve been wanting to carry a Canon G7 in my pocket for these exact type of reason. Maybe I’ll get one for my birthday from somebody.

    Your photo is just downright “lomo-rific”!


  2. Very cool shot with just the right symetry. Did you open several of the dryer doors? I’ve wanted to wander into a laundry mat for the longest time. Glad you reminded me of a craptastic spot like this. What a great word – craptastic. We used to make up words like that in college – but craptastic was never on the list.


  3. No intervention on my part — the dryer doors are as I found them. This place is really worn and kind of frozen in time. I have some other shots I may post later… but I really think I need to go back with some other lenses. I love the Panasonic but it’s a bit limiting when you’re used to a dslr.

    That said… yes, Bruce, it is very handy to have a little pocket-cam. My walk to work takes me through some areas that I don’t really want to be in with a big ol’ dslr in the pre-dawn hours. It’s nice to go incognito.

    “Craptastic”, “lomo-rific”… we may need to put together a Photodude glossary!

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