The Photodudes Glossary

By thephotodudes

March 29, 2007

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Craptastic – A location so disgusting or “crappy” that it makes the perfect subject.
Dudespiration – Inspiration via The Photodudes (not a sweating Photodude).
Lomorific – A subject, that by it’s mere content, demands a lomo camera.
FrankenDoug – A verb or modifier. As in “I frankendoug’ed it”. What happens when Doug makes PS actions.

The list will be updated as new terms present themselves. If you have a word you believe belongs in the glossary, e-mail it to for inclusion.


4 Responses to “The Photodudes Glossary”

  1. Great idea Snell brothers. I’m looking forward to coining several photodude-worthy glossary terms. As I mentioned in another post – in college we used to make up new words all the time. I’ve convinced myself that I invented the word “dickweed,” but I guess there is no way to prove that.

    If you have some time to kill, you should check out the Urban Dictionary site – it’s pretty cool.

  2. I’m pretty sure you didn’t invent “dickweed” on accounta I heard lots of people call my brother that in high school.


  3. true…

  4. There’s the proof. I’m a fraud.


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