gnarly redbud

By thephotodudes

April 2, 2007

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I stumbled onto this gnarly old redbud tree two years ago on the KU campus. I missed the entire spring bloom last year (must have been abducted by aliens – I don’t remember – hope they didn’t dude-probe me). I got this shot on Saturday morning between overcast skies and high winds. I’m really sort of burned out on the spring nature thing – so I better go find something else to shoot soon.

Photodude: Doug • Nikon D200 • Nikkor 17-55mm @ 17mm • ISO 200 • 1/200 @ f/8


4 Responses to “gnarly redbud”

  1. Cool angle on your tree shot. I know exactly what you mean about the whole “spring picture perfect” thing. Nothing much there to get me excited photo-wise. Sort of a been there, done that kind of thing.

    I’m anxious to see what we can do with Durango. Uber-scenics have been done to death. I can only imagine what you “decay-dudes” can do with a train, tracks and mining towns!


  2. Eesh… just read my comment. Sounds like I was slammin’ your tree photo which wasn’t the intent. I was supposed to be slammin’ “pretty” pictures of spring in general.

    I’ll shut up now…


  3. No sense of “slammin'” from my point of view. Matter of fact, I’d be okay if some-dude challenged me to shoot something other than a plant or a lake.

    I’m stoked for Durango trip. I’m actually looking forward to finding some characters and dives along the way. It’s gonna be fun.


  4. This is super cool, Doug. I wonder what Mike’s fisheye would do to this if shot from the trunk?

    I’m still keeping the Colorado trip in my plans, sans the train ride. I recommend thinking about Hwy 54 from Wichita to LIberal as a potential route (unless you guys are flying). There’s a lot of ghost towns/Americana on that road.

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