goin’ green

By thephotodudes

April 2, 2007

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Saturday had me in Paxico where I dodged the rain by mostly taking photos inside the many antique shops. I did get out between sprinkles to grab a few shots like this one of the town’s grain elevator. To crank up the drama, I did some substantial contrast adjustment on the clouds and added just a hint of that green-ness that you get right before you hear sirens.

Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 17-35mm at 26mm // 1/320 s at f8


4 Responses to “goin’ green”

  1. Wow. Can’t wait to see more from that shoot, Mike.

    I was out that day, too, but on a shoot for work. I kept looking at the sky, wishing I was out in the country somewhere recording it on film. Sigh.

  2. The sky was really great in the morning but I was stuck at the office ’til lunch. Still, I’m happy with what I got in the afternoon. I’ll be sharing more soon.

  3. Niiice!


  4. Sweet shot. I was just over on flickr looking at some cool weather shots and complaining about no good storms moving through Lawrence. I’m ready to chase some tornados. Looking forward to more shots from the Paxico shoot.


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