Showin’ some motion

By thephotodudes

April 2, 2007

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Photodude: Bruce | Canon 5D with 17-40 (at 17mm) | ISO 200 | 1/60 @ f5.6 | Flash (-1) | RAW


4 Responses to “Showin’ some motion”

  1. I like it! And I’m proud of ya, man. ISO 200! Who knew you had it in ya?

    Seriously, nice shot. I like the blur on the foreground flowers falling.

  2. The people-master posts a sweetie. Love the reaction of the guy to the right and the old lady on the left. I don’t know if you typed by mistake – RAW? And like Mike said ISO 200? You’re full of suprises Hooter-dude.


  3. Well, if you’re gonna shoot with flash outside you ain’t gonna shoot at ISO 1600!

    Yeah, RAW, well… I dunno… just messin’ around tryin’ out a new workflow. Not so sure it did me any good and may have added about 4 hours to my workflow.

    Thanks for the kind words fellow photodudes!


  4. You are a master, Bruce. This is superb in every way.

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