just say no to pretty

By thephotodudes

April 3, 2007

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Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye // 1/400 s at f/8 // ISO 100

Mr. Fisheye strikes again. Another from Saturday’s visit to Paxico’s grain elevator. I thought since everyone is getting tired of the prettiness of Spring, I’d throw out a couple more dark and ugly shots. This other one is from the junk pile out behind the Paxico stove guy’s shop (I think his name is Bud).

Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 17-35mm // 1/40 s at f/8


4 Responses to “just say no to pretty”

  1. What IS that thing, a trap door or cistern? I really like the shot, great HUGE foreground!


  2. I think your cool little fisheye needs to get lost in my photo bag. I dig the BW conversion and the funky view. It kind of looks like a big concrete fish that is very hungry.


  3. Bruce: I’m not sure what it is. It’s a circular concrete pad – maybe an old foundation for a silo? The “trench” forms a square inside the circle with a channel that leads to the edge. Some kind of drainage system, I suppose. Short answer: I dunno.

    Doug: Should I LoJack my fisheye before Durango?

    Thanks, ‘dudes!

  4. This is great, Mike. Definitely a thoughtful way to use a fisheye.

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