Spiral stairs

By thephotodudes

May 8, 2007

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Hey ‘Dudes — I just got back from Kentucky where I toured (among other things) the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. The great pair of spiral staircases was in one of the buildings on site that now functions as a hotel and restaurant.

Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Tokina 17mm // 1/20 s (hand-held) at f/3.5 // ISO 800 (that’s right, Bruce, 800)


4 Responses to “Spiral stairs”

  1. Wow that shot kind of screws with my head a bit!

    I notice in this shot and the pano on your blog you used the Tokina 17mm. I’m curious why you chose that over your 17-35 (which is even faster)?

    So… ISO 800 on the old Nikon eh? Noise the size of small rocks? Hit it with a little Noise Ninja? OK… I’ll stop now…


  2. I took the Tokina 17 and the Tokina 28-80 and left the Nikkor 17-35, 50, and 60 micro at home (I also had the 10.5 and 80-200 with me).

    I didn’t think I’d be doing as many interiors (or macros) on this trip and had the 17 for when wide was really necessary. The 28-80 was a better all-round lens since I was doing all the horse racing stuff. Gave me a little more on the telephoto end.

    I was also trying to keep the weight down since I’d have everything with me all day on some very loooong days. Should’ve left the 10.5 home but it’s so light I can never resist. Could have left the flash home, too. I think I might have used it once.

  3. I get kind of dizzy looking at this shot – but in a good way (are you hypmotizing us?).

    You didn’t answer Bruce’s question about “noise the size of rocks,” so that means the shot was most likely noise free. Bruce – I’m going to post a high ISO image here shortly that has almost no noise. Go figure? Usually, anything above 400 or so get noisy.


  4. Eh, I ignore my brother all the time. The noise wasn’t bad, though. The texture of it is about like the grain on a scanned Velvia transparency (in my opinion). More on that in a future post.

    Funny that you guys are getty dizzy from this shot — I had a similar reaction when I was there. Heights don’t tend to bother me but there was something about all of the curves that made it a hard to keep your equilibrium. It was two side-by-side spirals that went up three stories.


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