By thephotodudes

May 9, 2007

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So I read a bunch of posts in a Nikon D200 forum about noise. There were several guys who posted images above 800 ISO that looked great (like Bruce’s ISO1600 stuff). One of the self-proclaimed experts said that “correct exposure” is the key. Makes sense, so I decided to try some higher ISO shots and be really careful about exposure. I shot these the other night in downtown Lawrence (tagging along with my son who had a low-light exercise for his BW photography class). I was pretty darned happy with the results. Of course, there was some noise – but much less than I usually experience.

I stumbled on a cool photoshop technique yesterday. It’s sort of a punchy-saturated-look. For me, it’s like a shallow s-curve with better results. Here’s how you do it:
1) duplicate master layer
2) Image > adjustments > shadow/highlight (show more options)
3) All three shadow sliders 0
4) Highlight sliders 50, 50, 253 > okay
5) Set layer to “overlay” > adjust opacity to taste (20-40 works best for me)

Photodude: Doug // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 17-55mm // ISO 800 // expsosure varies


2 Responses to “noise”

  1. Nice. I especially like the first shot.

    When I used to shoot with the Olympus E-1 I noticed that high ISO noise is nearly invisible in a print and only offensive on the computer screen.

    Like you said, correct exposure is key. If you shoot under at a high ISO you’re hosed (unless it’s a Canon).

    Sorry… had to do it 😉


  2. Cool stuff, Doug. I’ll jump on the noise bandwagon later today with an ISO 1600 shot that I ran across the other day. When you think what ISO 1600 film used to look like it makes the noise issue in digital seem ridiculous.


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