More on Nikon noise

By thephotodudes

May 10, 2007

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I ran across this shot I took last Fall at ISO 1600 on the ol’ D200 while getting stuff prepped for Alamy. I haven’t done much of any noise reduction on it other than just a touch in ACR and the exposure is as-shot.

I know you can’t see much here so I’ve tried an experiment with Photoshop CS3’s new Zoomify feature. Click here to see a version that you can zoom in on and navigate around.

Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 17-35 at 17mm // ISO 1600 // 1/40 s at f/3.2 hand-held


One Response to “More on Nikon noise”

  1. Zoomify is very cool. I’m having CS3 envy again.

    Did you have to do any barrel distortion fixing with this shot? It’s really cool (and straight).

    The resolution on your 1600 ISO image is great. I’m so perplexed by the D200 though. I’ve got some really nice higher resolution stuff lately – and then I shoot a base ball game yesterday and didn’t ever go above 400 ISO, and a bunch of the shots are way grainy. Granted, some of it was backlit shots and I was bumping EV up/down to help with highlights – but it still shouldn’t have been that grainy. It seems to happen more when I shoot on manual. Any thoughts?

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