I wanna be this guy!

By thephotodudes

May 15, 2007

Category: Uncategorized


Click to watch this great video shot in the Riviera Maya.



4 Responses to “I wanna be this guy!”

  1. I ran across his cenote shots the other day but hadn’t seen the video. Pretty cool. You could definitely be that guy… just watch out for leeches.


  2. Oops – sorry! That was me that deleted my post. I got impatient waiting for Blogger to react and clicked to post the first comment again and they both took. Must learn patience… must learn patience…


  3. I wanna be the other guy that tags along when you be this guy. The “trash this dress” shots were way cooler than the normal stuff. That was cool how they had two people firing off the same lights. They didn’t seem to worried about the possiblity of dumping those Canons in the water.


  4. Why worry, it’s just Canons 😉


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