By thephotodudes

May 23, 2007

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I finally got brave enough to take on some more portrait work. I had a chance to shoot photos of a little girl I photographed six months ago. The moons must have aligned – every set up just kept getting better. Here’s one of my faves. You can see more on my blog. Thanks Bruce for the inspiration to shoot better people shots.

– doug

Nikon D200 • Nikkor 17-55mm @ 35mm • ISO 400 • 1/160 @ f/2.5


5 Responses to “hi”

  1. How cute is she?!

    But hey wow, if you took six months to post this portrait and back then she was a baby, now she must be big enough to get married, then bruce can photograph her.

  2. I left on comment on your blog too, but wanted to tell you again how much I love the portraits.

    I’m gonna have to ramp up my game!


  3. Ramp up my game?!? I don’t think I’m even IN the game. Great job, Doug!


  4. Thanks guys. Your kind comments have earned you many more beers in CO! I’m really easy.


  5. Then perhaps I haven’t said enough about how great you are, Doug…



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