Ben Chrisman

By thephotodudes

May 28, 2007

Category: Uncategorized


This guy is just incredible. His sense of timing, placement and exposure is of super hero status in my mind.

I’m completely inspired.

Click on the photo to view his website.



3 Responses to “Ben Chrisman”

  1. I was mildly impressed at first but the deeper I dug, the more impressed I became. The guy just doesn’t run out of ideas, does he? Amazing! The blog, in particular, I found very inspirational. Thanks for the link. It was a good kick in the pants. I need to be working harder!


  2. thanks for the nice words guys. 🙂


  3. Wow X2. Thanks for the link Bruce. I was way impressed from the first click. The chick smoking the cigar while holding a cigarette is a smokin’ cool photo (she looks like Susan Sarandan). Almost every photo in the engagement section made me smile. It’s all good. We should aim that high for Durango, yea?


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