A few more from the trip

By thephotodudes

June 6, 2007

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The rest of my photos from the trip are now available by clicking here.



3 Responses to “A few more from the trip”

  1. I’m pretty certain I don’t even want to process anything now. I’ll just format all my drives and bow to the master. I think we should call you “crapper” for sandbagging and saying you weren’t getting any good shots. Whatever! These are so good – I don’t even know where to start saying what I like. Really great, great stuff all the way around. Did I mention that you suck?


  2. Wonderful photos, just wonderful.


  3. Okay, now that I’ve settled down after my first post – I thought I should actually list a couple of my faves from your set Bruce. It’s hard to pic only a couple, but here goes – All of your “train through scenic vistas” shots are awesome. I’m wondering where I was when we passed through these areas (probably shooting photos in the john). The Ferry +finger shot is a classic. The “don’t poop” and “Jesus is lord of Silverton” would make a very nice duo pic. And the two shots of Mike in the dwellings (big portrait and Mike looking through the window) show why you’re the “people master” in the photodude group. Great work. I’ll go ahead and take back my “you suck” comment.


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