d-ango dudes

By thephotodudes

June 9, 2007

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I finally got through processing images from the great Durango trip. I’m not quite as speedy as Bruce. I posted several images on Photodudes – but the whole set it posted on my new Zenfolio site (thanks for that tip Hooter). I kept the images in chronilogical order – so hopefully they tell a story. We did some much, I’ve forgotten so much already. Can’t wait to do another trip sometime soon (clowns?). Thanks guys for making the trip so much fun.

See full set here.

– doug


6 Responses to “d-ango dudes”

  1. Oh man! What is that last shot? You are soooo dead.


  2. OK, comment #2. I just finished looking at your whole take over at Zenfolio. It seems your work is flat out awesome. I just want you to know, that I can never shoot with you again… nothing personal, just can’t.

    Now I’ve got to somehow psych myself up to shoot a wedding… thanks alot “Goat”…


  3. You guys are killin’ me! I’m not even home yet and you have all this great stuff posted. I’m almost afraid to look through my take now. Forget the almost… I AM afraid.

    (love the bugs on the windshield shot)


  4. I love the new brand of photodude banter we have going. You guys are a blast to hang out with. I think it’s so cool how we all went to the same spots – and saw things differently through our cameras. Can’t wait to see your stuff Mike. BTW, love your stage coach shot. That would have been a lot of fun. Hope you had a good trip. Bruce, I’ll buy you a 12-pack of cream soda if you can shoot with you again. Yeah?


  5. Doug – that special Durango cream soda? In the bottles? Well…



  6. Bruce – I missed your last question. Yes, you’re very own stash of Zuberfizz. You can even buy it online @ zuberfizz.com. Next trip we’ll back a cooler full of tasty drinks (including some adult beverage faves).


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