Black & white ruins

By thephotodudes

June 12, 2007

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Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 17-35 at 35mm // 1/100s at f/8 // ISO 100

Okay, so I’m way behind in getting my Colorado photos processed. Here’s my first installment in catching up: a trio of cliff ruins in black and white. The one above is the Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde from my second visit during my press trip.

I thought I’d take advantage of some of the new black and white conversion features in Photoshop CS3 and go high contrast. Let me know what you think. I’ll be putting another from Hovenweep on my blog later tonight.

Here are two more shots from other sites in Southwest Colorado:

Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 17-35 at 25mm // 1/125s at f/2.8 // ISO 100

Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 17-35 at 35mm // 1/180s at f/2.8 // ISO 100


3 Responses to “Black & white ruins”

  1. Fantastic shots Mike. The dynamic range in these is amazing – especially the first one. Love all the different values of light. Did you have to tweak much to get that? Or did you stick the original exposure? I’ll bet the first one looks pretty sweet in color, too. Looking forward to more.


  2. I like ’em too. I’m a big lover of B/W and your filter/contrast choices are sweet.


  3. Thanks, guys.

    Here’s my basic process on the first one:

    I added a black & white adjustment layer and pulled the blues & cyans down to darken the sky, pulled the yellows and oranges up a bit to lighten the darker parts of the rock.

    Added a brightness/contrast adjustment layer and cranked the contrast up. The highlights got a little too hot so I used the layer blending mode to back the adjustment layer off in the brightest hightlights.

    Flattened and did a tiny bit of dodging on the ruins in the lower right. That’s about it!

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