By thephotodudes

June 13, 2007

Category: Uncategorized


I plan to do some duos and tryps of the Durango trip. Here’s the first one that just screamed at me to go together.


(reposted a new crop – this one is better)


3 Responses to “duo-dude”

  1. Jus’ call me ol’ thistlehead.

    Nice combo. I like the color vs. black & white and the repeating shapes. Also quite glad that bee wasn’t on my melon!


  2. You’ve kinda gotta a thing for the backs of heads don’t you?

    Pretty cool, though. Were you putting that together in your mind during the trip or did it come to you after looking through your take?


  3. We’ve got some pretty good nicknames going now. We’ll see if “thistlehead” sticks (ha ha).

    Bruce – no, I’m not clever enough to think of these combos before I shoot. It’s an afterthought thing. I have several more that should be fun. I’ll post them over the next several days (get as much milage out of the set as possible).


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