Who’s that?

By thephotodudes

June 21, 2007

Category: Uncategorized


Today I was shooting along Mass in Lawrence with Doug, Alex and Sarah when I noticed this ghostly figure appearing in the window.

Is Lawrence haunted? Or is “Goat” just in my shot?



3 Responses to “Who’s that?”

  1. You’re going to have to start carrying a polarizing filter when that guy is around. Mine’s a Moose Filter – maybe you can get a Goat filter.


  2. Maybe we could sell “Goat Filters” on That’s My Monkey!


  3. Since you’ll be using the trademarked “Goat” name in with your new, exciting product – I’ll have to insist on a generous royalty. Too bad my real name isn’t Billy. I am considering changing my last name to cheese.

    – dougoat (now that’s clever)

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