Back from Canada

By thephotodudes

July 24, 2007

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Photodude: Michael | Nikon D200 | Nikkor 17-35 at 17mm | 1/100s @ f/9 | ISO 100

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am, in fact, back from Canada. I’ll have more photos soon (it was a very productive trip!) but I need to get caught up on a bunch of other stuff before I can begin post-processing in earnest. For now, I’ve posted a photo that I took of Perce Rock on Quebec Province’s Gaspe Peninsula using the Photodude’s patented “don’t look through the viewfinder” technique. The tide was receding and there was one place on the causeway out to the giant rock where the water was still mostly covering the path. Someone had placed some stones to make a way across the water. I held the camera right down on the water to make the most of the reflection and waited for people to make their way across the stepping stones. The biggest problem was keeping the horizon level and not cropping off the top of the rock. I confess that I did straighten this one a bit in Photoshop.

Many thanks to Doug for letting me borrow his Lensbaby for the trip. I did a whole series with it on the island of Bonaventure. I’ll post a few when I get the chance.

More to come…



4 Responses to “Back from Canada”

  1. Awesome photo Mike. Can’t wait t see more – especially if they’re all this dandy. We need to come up with a shorter name for the “don’t look through the viewfinder” method. No doubt it’s a cool way to shoot – just to hard to say. Glad you liked the LB. It wasn’t getting much use in my bag – so glad to see someone is making it sing.

    Where’s Hooter these days? You out there?


  2. Mike: That photo is so great, I’m selling my gear tomorrow.

    Doug: Yeah, I’m still here. Deep in wedding season, new website/blog, lots of things to keep me too busy.


  3. Brucey,

    I’ve been checking your new blog and very cool website nearly every day. Looking for some new stuff on the blog sometime soon. I’m totally jealous about your new website – it rocks. How easy/difficult was it to get up and running? I checked out the web folks you used – they do some cool stuff. I’ll give you a call this week and you can fill me in.


  4. I’ve got nothing but great things to say about Neon Sky as well as SquareSpace. Hopefully tonight I’ll finally be able to post new stuff. I can’t believe how nuts it’s been for me lately.

    Stay tuned…


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