Full Philmonty

By thephotodudes

July 28, 2007

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Well I finally got photos from my Philmont trip posted. It was great fun – but not something old guys should do every year. I really wish I could have lugged the Nikon gear along since the scenery and people were so fantastic. But I just couldn’t afford the weight or room in my pack. The Panasonic Lumix did an admirable job, but it’s really hard to frame a photo in bright sunlight. You just had to guess sometimes.

Here’s a couple pics from the trek. You can see more on my BLOG. If you have any interest in seeing hundreds of Philmont photos, let me know, and I’ll send you the password on my Zenfolio sight.

And hey, I was thinking about scheduling an August/September Photodudes outing. Any ideas. The Kansas State Fair might be fun. Plus, I could eat 8-9 Pronto Pups that way. I’m open for ideas.

– doug


5 Responses to “Full Philmonty”

  1. I want the password for the zenfolio stuff… I can never get enough Dougie.

    I would totally be up for an outing, but here’s the deal… 2 weddings in Sept (one is in San Francisco), 5 weddings in October. The only weekends I have open are Sept 1 and Sept 29.


  2. By the way… my wedding on Sept 22nd is in Hutchison if that matters.


  3. I want the password, too!

    Great stuff. 12 days is a long time to rough it. I’m not sure I could do that anymore. Not sure I ever could. I’m impressed.

    I’m up for an outing, too. Big time. The fair could be great. The rodeo in Abilene is also August 1-4. I’m game for anything (just about). I’m also thinking about doing a Fall color trip this year. Don’t know where or when yet (Michigan?) but would be open to it being a ‘dude’s trek. Just in the thinkin’ stage now…


  4. Thanks for taking a look fellow-dudes. Maybe we’ll have to do a photodude hiking trip someday (like 1-2 day thing).

    Bruce, your Hutchinson wedding is a week late for the State Fair. The Abilene Rodeo sounds like fun – but I won’t be able to make that. We’ll talk more this week about dates/ideas. Hopefully we can get more dudes to come along.

    I’ll email you the password Bruce. There are a lot of photos.


  5. Bu-ya to the scouters from a fellow Eagle. I never had the chance to go to Philmont with my troup, good to see the place again. How long was your stay?

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