A Lensbaby shot for Doug

By thephotodudes

August 2, 2007

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Thanks again to Doug for letting me borrow his Lensbaby for my Canadian trip. I seldom had time to really explore with it until we spent an afternoon at Ile Bonaventure. While the rest of my group made the one and half hour trek across the island to see the nesting Gannets (I felt I had found the images of the birds I needed from the boat on the way out) I stayed back to spend some quality time in the little village that overlooked Perce Rock. I thought I would shoot an entire series with the Lensbaby with the idea of illustrating a complete article on the village with it.

Most of the shots felt they needed a dark, gritty treatment but I liked this one fully saturated and bright. More will come later as I continue to make my way through tons and tons of post-processing. Thanks Goat!!!



3 Responses to “A Lensbaby shot for Doug”

  1. Glad the LB got some good use. It’s been resting comfortably in my bag for way too long. I really love the shot – you even got the person waving. You’ve quickly reach LB master level. You’d get all kinds of good comments from the LB-heads on the lensbaby forum. There is an art director guy from England who posts images like this one frequently. His are normally BW – but they always have the nice, soft distortion like your image. Can’t wait to see more. As you probably found out – the LB does a fantastic job with blown-out areas. It’s much more film-like and forgivig.


  2. Cool shot. Be honest though… wouldn’t you really rather spend $1000+ on a tilt shift lens?


  3. Thanks, Doug, but I’m no where near an LB master!

    And yes, Bruce – I would love a tilt shift (the ol’ birthday’s comin’ up, you know). One thing I learned from using the LB is that it’s a whole different beast than a tilt-shift. Cool in it’s own way but not a substitute. I think a person should have both. At least I should have both. I might let you borrow ’em.


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