Photodudes Pow Wow

By thephotodudes

August 3, 2007

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A number of photodudes have confessed to an “itching” for another tribal gathering of the group. Due to a certain photodude’s schedule of weddings every weekend, the window of opportunity for a gathering combined with interesting subject matter has been narrow to say the least. But a possibility looms on the horizon.

How about an Inter-Tribal Pow Wow? Check it out here.

If everyone could post their interest level and best day to attend that would be great.



4 Responses to “Photodudes Pow Wow”

  1. I’m in. Hope they have some good Indian tacos. Friday or Sunday work best for me. KU has a home football game on Saturday.

    Hope we get some more dude interest.


  2. Sounds good to me, too. Count me in!


  3. I’m in. Fri or Sunday, either one works.


  4. Ferry just e-mailed to say Sunday works for him.


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