Happy Bday to a PDude

By Bruce L. Snell

August 21, 2007

Category: Uncategorized


WiFi is turning 45 today guys.  Don’t forget to send him some love (that’s what the young kids say).



4 Responses to “Happy Bday to a PDude”

  1. Check your math there, old man. I’m only fourty-FOUR today! Geez. You’re lucky the Geezer nickname is already taken. Let me know if you need help counting out your medication.

    Seriously though — thanks, man. Love ya like a brother.


  2. Oops… my bad.

    By the way… you spell it FORTY doofus.

    I have no idea why Mom liked you best…


  3. Dang! See? The brain is starting to go. Shoot…

    -WiFi (doofus?)

  4. Are you guys related to the Smother’s brothers? You’re crackin’ me up.


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