This morning’s sunrise…

Okay, this is no great shot, but I wanted to A) let you all know that I’m still alive and B) check to see if any of you were up early this morning. The sunrise was a dandy. We were at the office already (it’s been a long day, week, etc.) and Sally came in from the lobby saying, “the sky is pink”. I grabbed the camera and ran outside in time to catch this view to the east of the Kansan Towers at 9th and Kansas. I tried to get over to the Capitol to have a better foreground but it was all over before I made it a block. I don’t move as fast as I used to…



4 Responses to “This morning’s sunrise…”

  1. I think you’re under selling your shot – I think it’s pretty darned cool. Love how the windows are reflecting the sky.

    I’m thinking I better go shoot some “photodude worthy” images sometime soon and get back on the posting wagon.


  2. I was up (didn’t want to be) and was really sorry I couldn’t be shooting. The view from Washburn was pretty great at about 7:15am. Cool shot.


  3. Whoa… I’m an idiot… I just saw the date on the post and comments… I’m three days behind.


  4. Boy, you did sleep in if you lost three days!


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