Holy Crap!

By dougstremel

October 26, 2007

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I found out this week that one of my photos was chosen for the 2008 Nikon Photo Contest International Calendar. That was great news, but when the calendars arrived this morning – I saw that my photo was chosen for the cover. Holy crap! There were 47,000 photographs from 135 countries and regions entered in this year’s contest. The title of my photo is “home alone,” and it was taken on the grounds of the Kansas History Museum in Topeka, KS.


7 Responses to “Holy Crap!”

  1. Congratulations, Doug. I’m especially glad that the Stach school house helped you win this honor. Joe

  2. Holy Crap is right! That’s friggin’ awesome Doug!

    Easy to say in retrospect, but this is easily one of my top 2 or 3 photos I have seen on Flickr in the past year. I still remember the day you posted it. (Wipes tear from his eye.)

  3. Sweet, Doug – Congratulations!!!

    Will you still hang with us little people now that you’ve hit the big time?

  4. Even though I’m a Canon guy I still gotta give you props. That’s totally cool! Now you need to get one of those Silverton trampoline shots published.


  5. Thanks so much guys. Just glad I get to hang out with the uber-talented photodudes gang (and we should make Joe our newest member, don’t you think?). You guys make it great fun.

    4Joe: Do you think the folks at the History Museum would be interested in knowing about the photo?

    – doug

  6. I didn’t read all the comments about your photo until tonight, the 29th, so apologize for not responding to your question sooner. By all means let the museum director know about your excellent photo and its award winning place. His name is Bob Keckeisen and his phone number is 272-8681 ext. 418 or his e-mail address is bkeckeisen@kshs.org. I am sure you know the PR lady there, Bobbie (Athon) Hammer. Her extension is 262 and e-mail is bathon@kshs.org.

    As for being a member of the Photodudes I appreciate the thought but I feel I am already a vicarious member though Mike and Bruce. I enjoy your postings a great deal, it’s a great way to see what my sons are up to.

    Congratulations again. That’s a great shot.


  7. WHOA! Nice work, Doug. Amazing honor. I’m proud to shoot with you and hope to again very soon. When Nikon starts sending you free lenses, can I have first dibs on your hand-me downs?

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