SATW photography awards

I mentioned the SATW awards for travel photography earlier but they now have the winning images posted here and a video of the awards presentation here. The video shows not only the winners but some really great work that didn’t place.



2 Responses to “SATW photography awards”

  1. Cool slideshow. You had lots of great images in your portfolio… probably why it won, huh?!



  2. Wow! Congrats Mike. There was some amazing work in there. Bob Kirst can shoot his ass off. I want to be like him when I grow up (sorry Bruce). I recognized some of your work in the nominees – but couldn’t know all of it. Would have been nice if the slideshow was a little larger and included photographer names. I’m not sure I’m totally on board with the judges winning choices in the category sections (cultural, animals, etc.). And I think your portfolio was better than the other two winners in the single subject category. But alas, I’m not a judge.

    Way to go mike-photodude!


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