Tribute to Tim Burton

By Bruce L. Snell

December 2, 2007

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OK, so two years ago or so I was shooting a wedding near Rend Lake, Illinois. Where is that? Go to St. Louis and keep going, then turn right and there you are (after awhile). The morning of the wedding I had some time to kill so I decided to take a hike around the lake and shoot some fall colors. Eventually I came across this cool tree with vines and bare branches. As a lover of Tim Burton, I decided to shoot it with an incorrect color balance to make it spooky. It didn’t really come off (see photo on left) and I filed it. For some reason today, I decided to give it a go in photoshop and came up with the version on the right. I kind of like it. Don’t ask me what I did, because I don’t remember. It involved layers, inversions, dodge/burn, blur and sharpen.

As a side note (ahem… Doug), I shot this on a Nikon D70 with a 50mm lens. ISO 400. 1/125 @ f2.0. Tungsten white balance. Large fine jpeg. Proves you can get a good shot with nearly any camera, eh?



2 Responses to “Tribute to Tim Burton”

  1. Burton or Pre-Raphaelite influence, regardless, very nice Bruce. Great work starts with a Nikon.


  2. Isn’t it fun to revisit shots from the past? I think the time gives you some perspective. And I’m with you on “nearly any camera” philosophy. Some of the best stuff I’ve shot is with my little D70. I really do like your treatment, and I’m a huge Tim Burton fan. Are you going to see his new, creepy movie? Gotta love that guy. He releases a weird-ass, weird-o movie right before Christmas.


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