orange and blue

Nikon D200 :: Nikkor 50mm 1.8 :: 1/80 @ f/2.5 :: ISO 400
Nikon D200 :: Nikkor 17-35mm :: 1/60 @ f/5 :: ISO 100


Thanks to the other ‘Dudes and our models for a great day Saturday! It was good to get out of my normal shooting mode and try something a little different. The first shot above is pretty straightforward (I give full credit for any merit that it has to our model, Kristen) but on the second shot I tried using my homemade flash filter holder that I’ve been carting around the world for months without ever showing it the light of day. I added an orange gel and corrected the white balance in Photoshop to zero it out, allowing the natural light in the background to go blue. I added just a bit of blue to the edges where my flash spilled onto the walls but it’s pretty much straight out of the camera.
I’ll have more later — looking forward to seeing everyone else’s shots!

3 Responses to “orange and blue”

  1. Excellent! Did you do any work on the skin? It looks flawless.


  2. Nicely done Mike. You’ll have to change your new business card to travel photographer + portrait guy. I’m with Bruce on her skin – it’s buttery soft. You have a new butter/action? Can’t wait to see more.

    I’ll be posting some images shortly.


  3. Thanks, guys. I did do a little work on the skin but not a whole lot. I found a technique in the book “Photoshop for Digital Photographers” that does a nice job.

    It basically involves duplicating the layer twice. Blur the top dupe about 40 pixels and set the layer effect to darken. Blur the lower dupe 60 pixels, set it to lighten and reduce opacity to 40%. You then combine the two duped layers into one and lower the opacity to taste. Add a layer mask and paint out the areas that you want to put detail back into.

    It sounds more complicated than it is. Also, I’m giving the numbers that the book uses here — I backed it off a bit on my version to make the effect more subtle.


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