Photodude – Michael : : Nikon D200 : : Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 wide open at 1/80s : : ISO 200
Blur and overlay of Korean manuscript added in Photoshop

5 Responses to “red”

  1. Schweet idea there bro! I couldn’t do that on accounta I ain’t been to Korea.


  2. Very cool shot. The color balance is perfect. BTW, can you please come paint that Korean pattern on my wall permanently – that would be a nice touch to my office.


  3. I’ll be right over as soon as I find my calligraphy brushes…


  4. Nice work Mike, sounds (and looks) like you guys had a lot a fun.


  5. Great stuff, Guys.
    And I can say I knew all of you BeFore K4.

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