Mini Lighting Kit

By Bruce L. Snell

March 18, 2008

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After much interest in my small lighting kit I brought to the last Photodudes shoot, I thought I’d post the contents here in case anyone wants to put one together for themselves.


All items are selected specifically to be small, light and easy to pack in the Mountainsmith Tour.  

Total cost $708.15.


Mountainsmith Tour – $70


Pocket Wizard Plus Transceiver (need two) – $188.95 each


Pocket Wizard Caddy – $15.00


Bogen Lightstand – $56.50


Photoflex Softbox – $44.95


Photoflex Reflector – $24.95


Vivitar 285HV Flash – $89.95


Pocket Wizard to Vivitar Sync Cord – $17.95


Giottos Mini Ballhead – $10.95


4 Responses to “Mini Lighting Kit”

  1. Thanks for putting this list together. It’s definitely something I want to look into. Just can’t decide whether to wait for RadioPoppers to come out instead of going with the Pocket Wizards. Who knows when that will be, though.


  2. That’s awesome, Bruce. Thanks for posting that. I’ve been pricing a similar kit out, too, and found this link through one of the Strobist forums. There are kits for just about every budget here:

    I need a mini workshop on how to use PocketWizards sometime, if I go that route. I assume that I could fire then on any of my film/digital setups, right?

  3. Is that ring with the rubber band mounting system part of the softbox or is that a separate component?

  4. The ring comes with the softbox, however, the rubber bands you’ll need to get at an office supply store. I’ve got tons left over if you want some.


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